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Here are a few videos to help you set up and maintain your trap, along with case studies showing our traps in action.

Urban Trappers: Meet Anna

We meet Anna, mother of four and a keen urban trapper, as she installs her first Goodnature A24 trap. Along with local groups Anna aims to eradicate pests and support the regeneration of native forest so that endemic birds can make a comeback.


Urban Trappers: Meet Laura

Laura from Wellington invites us to her garden to install her first A24 Automatic Rat & Mouse Trap. She shares with us what motivates her to keep trapping and why she hopes to see native bird species return.


Urban Trappers: Meet Tom

Rats stop stealing the chicken food

Rats were eating Rachel’s chicken food, chewing holes in feed bags and making a real mess in the backyard. By taking a few easy steps and setting up an A24 trap for rats, she got her rat problem under control. Watch how she did it.


Rats stop eating compost

Melissa’s compost was infested with rats. Every time she lifted the lid, the rats scurried away. By taking a few easy steps and setting up an A24 trap for rats, she got her rat problem under control. Watch how she did it.


Rats stop getting into rubbish


Rat-free Native Island a world-first

Watch how our A24 traps control rats on Native Island in Southland, New Zealand - a world first! Because the network of traps is well maintained, rats are kept under constant control. The island is now a haven for native birds.


Automatic Lure Pump makes trapping easier

Our Automatic Lure Pump (ALP) makes it easier for you to keep your rats and mice under constant control. The ALP steadily dispenses fresh lure from your A24 trap across 6 months, reducing the number of times you need to check it from 12 to just twice a year. Watch this to find out more.


Rodent Detector cards help you think like a rat

Protecting New Zealand one trap at a time

By making it smarter and easier to keep pests under control, we’re helping more Kiwis do their bit to protect New Zealand wildlife. Find out why we do what we do.


Our automatic traps are protecting whio

In 2013, a network of our automatic traps were installed in the Waiokotore Stream to help protect whio from stoats. Automatic Lure Pumps (ALPs) have been installed to keep lure fresh for 6 months. Watch to learn more.


Automatic traps beat traditional traps

Four mice, one trap, one night

From our trials, we know over 80% of pests killed by our traps are scavenged by other animals within 3 weeks and over half within 48 hours. Because you might not always see evidence of your success, we recommend you add a Digital Strike Counter to your trap to do the counting for you.


Mice killed humanely

When it comes to being humane, our traps have been independently tested and meet the highest international standards. We set up an A24 trap with a clear shroud to show you how mice are killed instantly and humanely when they brush past the highly sensitive trigger inside.


A24 traps save endangered turtles

Guides and maintenance

Ever wondered how a Goodnature A24 trap Works?

From the enticing lure and swift humane strike through to the automatic reset and a bit of scavenging - this animation shows you how!

A24 Automatic Trap – Installation

The Goodnature A24 trap is simple to install. This video walks you through each step to set you up for trapping success. So your trap stays constantly attractive to pests, remember to refresh your lure every six months. If you prefer to read a guide, and to learn more, visit here.

Automatic Lure Pump – Installation

The Auto Lure Pump (ALP) is the latest advancement in Goodnature’s world-leading conservation technology. These instructions explain how to first activate and then install the ALP into your A24 so your trap stays constantly attractive with fresh lure for 6 months without any need for maintenance visits.

How to install your
A24 kit with Counter

The Digital Strike Counter keeps track of your trap's activity by recording the strikes. Here's how to install it.

Attaching an A24
to a Trap Stand

How to attach your A24 trap to a trap stand to catch rat and mice in these hard to reach places.