Rat & Mouse Lure Pouch

Rat & Mouse Pre-Feed Lure Pouch | Chocolate Formula

Rat & Mouse Lure Pouch


Goodnature® Rat & Mouse Lure is long-life, toxin-free and tastes & smells of chocolate. It’s so attractive to rats and mice that 24 out of 24 choose it as their last meal.

Because all our lures are toxin-free, they’re safe for you, your pets and wildlife. It has been scientifically formulated for long lasting attraction in all environments.

The lure can be used to pre-feed the area around your trap, to encourage rodents toward the trap.

Pouch size: 200g

  • Long-life, chocolate formula highly attractive to rats and mice
  • Toxin-free so safe for you, your pets and wildlife
  • Water resistant
  • Stable in hot and alpine climates


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