Project Tamatea - An update from the team at Pure Salt

It was awesome to see this great video from the team at Pure Salt on their latest trip to Indian Island, in Dusky Sound, New Zealand. Along with a team of hardworking volunteers, Pure Salt are building a substantial trapping network in the sounds, and it's having some amazing results. 

Check out what the team has to say about their success so far. 

"On our October Tamatea adventure, we observed Kaka, kakariki, kereru, korimako, tomtits, robins and tawaki on Indian Island… as well as Rusty stumbling across Kiwi in broad daylight.

Three motion cameras had uncountable visits from Kiwi in distinctly seperate locations. Spurred by such success we’ve now had a total of 12 cameras funded by very generous clients. All 12 were installed on Mamaku Indian Island in accordance to DOC protocol to further support not just the tracking data but also in the hope to pick up further kiwi activity. 

The aim is to trial an alternative tracking method with the idea to not just better monitor rodent behaviour, trap efficiencies and bait trials but also monitor native species. The camera card data is checked at a minimum of three times a year in line with the rebaiting schedule.

From here... With the proposed network of traps established on Mamaku Indian Island, there is still plenty to achieve..

- 190 traps to be funded and installed on the stoat tracks on Long Island

- 30 traps (already funded) to be installed on the existing tracks on Long Island

- Eastern stoat track on Long Island to be flagged, cut and marked

- Ongoing rebaiting and track maintenance to be sponsored and carried out every 4 months

- Every October, February and June

- Pending rodent tracking numbers dropping below 5% on Mamaku Indian Island.. future translocations of Yellow heads / Mōhua and Tīeke / Saddleback"

 Keep up the amazing mahi team, we can't wait to see the outcome of all your hard work!